Do you face severe complications if you contract COVID-19? Find out now, with your COVID-19 risk factor report that’s based on your DNA genetic profile. Take control of your health. Prevent the worst outcome.

Use your report’s results to Understand how severe COVID-19 & other viruses will likely affect you. Make strategic, confident, proactive health decisions to bolster health. Navigate COVID-19 for safety and peace of mind. Strategically Navigate COVID-19 With The World’s FirstComprehensive COVID-19 Risk Factor Report Based on Your DNA Genetic Profile.

Will this report help me determine if I'm immune to COVID-19?

This test is not designed to determine whether you are immune to COVID -19 but rather to help you understand your innate genomic & non genomic risk factors and how different systems in your body respond to the presence of inflammation. 

Can this report provide actionable insights that may help reduce risks and complications caused by COVID-19?

This test can provide information that can help reduce the risk of infections and severe complications caused by infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Will this test diagnose any disease or 

conditions that I may have?

The purpose of our test is not to diagnose diseases but rather to identify genetic risk factors that may contribute to your risk of disease based on clinically documented research. Just because you're at an increased risk for a disease or condition based on your genetics, doesn't necessarily mean you will be diagnosed with it. Similarly, a normal or decreased risk doesn't necessarily mean you're safe from any particular disease or condition. Functional genomics evaluates both genomic and non-genomic factors to identify risks ahead of time and helps in building preventative health strategies for an improved wellness outlook over time