VMediSpa™ is pleased to share these exclusive offers

Have you ever looked at the shelves lined with numerous vitamins and supplements at the drugstore and became confused about what to take and how much to take?

If you answered yes, look no further because ModifyBody™ is proud to partner up with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed and offer Youtrients™ at all VMediSpa and ModifyBody locations.

Youtrients™ manufactures personalized supplements for each of our clients based on their DNA.


Our DNA test is conducted by using a saliva collection kit sent to your home with return shipping and packaging included. This saliva sample is analyzed at a CLIA-certified lab, which generates a gene map and report that identifies key genes and genotypes that affect different aspects  of your nutritional health. 


No longer do you need to worry about taking the correct nutrients or supplements. You don’t need to worry about deficiencies. You don’t need to get confused about what to take, what you need, or what suits your body and health. Youtrients Essentials tells you exactly what Supplements are needed based on your own genes.


Whether you are a student fighting to be top of class, an executive pushing stress to the limit, a professional athlete competing with the world’s best or an actor on set from sunrise to sunset, Youtrients High Performance takes the base Youtrients Essentials supplements and enhances them with the dosages and unique ingredients required to support a high performance professional.

Get the unfair advantage.  You push hard, now you can push harder!