Ben Greenfield Comprehensive Clinical Profile
Ben Greenfield Comprehensive Clinical ProfileBen Greenfield Comprehensive Clinical Profile


    Our Comprehensive Functional Genomics Test provides key insights into functional genomic pathways that influence critical biological and cellular processes in your body. This includes cardiovascular health, hormonal health, executive function, phase II detoxification (methylation and glutathionization), and diet & metabolism. We provide clinical reports that explain how various genes in your body work together in a series of pathways that ultimately influence your overall health and wellness. Please note, our tests are not designed for direct to consumer purposes. We strongly recommend purchasing a genomic consultation along with your test so that a clinician can assist you in understanding the results of your test. Furthermore, please know that our tests are NOT diagnostic tests. We do NOT diagnose diseases based on the results of your testing, however we WILL identify potential genetic risk factors that could contribute to the onset of certain chronic diseases, when combined with non-genetic factors like diet, lifestyle, and environment.

    You will receive a DNA test in the mail with return shipping instructions. Clinical Reports will be delivered 6-8 weeks after returning the completed sample to our facility in Ontario. 


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