Learn how to optimize 

your hormones today.

  • Understand how your hormones influence your overall health and wellness 

  • Find out if the birth control pill and hormone replacement therapy are safe for you

  • Determine your unique risk for endometriosis, PCOS, menopause and infertility

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Hey ladies! Dr. Amy here. I've partnered with The DNA Company to give you exclusive access to the first female hormone profile powered by intelligent functional genomics Here's what you'll get when you order today:

  • A Saliva-based DNA kit to collect your saliva sample 

  • A beautiful, in-depth Female Hormone Profile report when your results come in 

  • A 20-minute consultation with a trained clinician absolutely FREEto discuss your results

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We're 100% clear on privacy

We never share or sell your personal information to third-parties, and we anonymize all data as soon as we receive your sample BEFORE sending it to our labs. We may use aggregated genomic data in an anonymized manner for R&D purposes and the advancement of human health care, but nobody can tie this information back to you. Your genetic information is safe with us. 

  • What will this test tell me?


Understand how the way your hormones are produced, metabolized, and cleared influence your health and wellness. 


Determine your unique risk for health concerns like PCOS, endometriosis, irregular ovulation and inflammation based on your hormone profile


Learn whether taking the pill, hormone replacement therapy, or hormone-coated IUDs could potentially put you at an increased risk of complications


Personalize your diet, fitness and lifestyle based on your hormone profile to optimize your health and wellness goals

  • Real Reviews from Real People

Dave Asprey

As seen in Dave Asprey's new book, Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever 

"The area of functional genomics is just getting going. Like functional medicine, it is the study of what you can actually do to influence risk besides worry about it. For instance, my genome from the DNA Company revealed that I should take extra steps to take care of the tight membranes in my arteries, including taking the supplements in this book. Check out their test to discover your weaknesses and learn how to combat them." 

Ben Greenfield

"A lot of the stuff you get from most DNA tests can be useful, but to get really, really useful information on things that can help you out with your sleep, your gut function, your neurotransmitters, even your life span or your brain health, you have to take a deeper dive. You have to look at a lot more of these so-called SNPs. That's what The DNA Company did for me. They gave me a functional overview of my health and wellness."

Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe

"I am proud to have collaborated with The DNA Company and Dr. Mansoor to create reports that individuals can use to make excellent decisions about their healthcare."

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this test diagnose any diseases or conditions that I may have?

No. This test is an association-based test. We don't diagnose you with disease. However, we try to identify genetic risk factors that may contribute to your risk of disease based on clinically documented research. Just because you're at an increased risk for a disease or condition based on your genetics, doesn't necessarily mean you will be diagnosed. Similarly, a normal or decreased risk doesn't necessarily mean you're safe from any particular disease or condition. Functional genomics evaluates both genomic and non-genomic factors to ultimately identify risks ahead of time and assists in building preventative health strategies for an improved health and wellness outlook over time.

Q: Who should consider buying this profile?

Any woman who is concerned about the hormonal aspects of her health. Generally, this test will be most helpful once you've entered puberty, all the way to post-menopause. At every hormonal stage of your life, the unique way in which you produce, metabolize, and clear out your sex hormones will play an integral role in shaping your overall health and wellness.

Q: Will this test tell me if I have an associated risk with taking the birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy? 

Yes. While your clinician is the one who will ultimately make that decision, the purpose of this test is to identify whether there is an increased risk associated with taking external hormones like the birth control pill, hormone-coated IUDs and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is largely based on the unique way in which your estrogens are metabolized into potentially toxic estrogen metabolites and their byproducts.

Q: How can I learn more about the next steps I need to take after I've done this test?

As with everything we eat, side effects are possible. C500 contains only FDA approved ingredients that are used to provide you with natural nutrients and enhance your body's natural processes. Therefore, unwanted side effects are rare. However, everyone is unique and will react differently to different foods. This is why you should consult with your physician before trying anything new and avoid using Sunset when pregnant or nursing. Quercetin is a powerful antihistamine and anti-inflammatory that neutralizes facial and upper body flush zones

Q: Will you sell my data to 3rd parties like insurance companies? How do you protect my data?

We will NEVER sell your personal data. However, from time to time, we will anonymize your genomic data and aggregate it with other data samples for the purpose of research & development and the advancement of human health, which we may share with our partners. Don't worry, your information is 100% anonymized and no one can tie your genomic data back to your personal data. We store all of our samples in an anonymized manner at a government facility. All of our data is anonymized BEFORE it leaves our facility, and we store all digital on our protected server hosted through Microsoft Azure's security platform. If you still would like to have your data deleted and your sample destroyed once you receive your results, simply let us know and we'll send you a confirmation email once it is complete.