Existing DNA Kit: Male Hormone Profile
Existing DNA Kit: Male Hormone ProfileExisting DNA Kit: Male Hormone ProfileExisting DNA Kit: Male Hormone Profile


    Note: This product is for customers who have already purchased a DNA kit through The DNA Company.

    The world’s first Male Hormone Profile Report based on Functional Genomics.


    Get the answers to questions you’ve always had about:

  • Free Testosterone Production
  • Libido and Optimal Sexual Function
  • Male Pattern Baldness Risk
  • Prostate Health Concerns
  • Testosterone Supplementation and Hormone Replacement


    "The area of functional genomics is just getting going. Like functional medicine, it is the study of what you can actually do to influence risk besides worry about it. For instance, my genome from the DNA Company revealed that I should take extra steps to take care of the tight membranes in my arteries, including taking the supplements in this book. Check out their test to discover your weaknesses and learn how to combat them.""

    - Dave Asprey, Author and Founder of Bulletproof


    What will I get from this report?

  • Answers to your questions about hormones
  • Unique Insights into the influence of genes on your profile
  • Diet, Lifestyle, and Environmental recommendations to help improve and optimize your unique hormone profile  

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